Solar C-PACE

Solar C-PACE

Finance Solar with C-PACE

C-PACE financing enhances the financial benefits of going solar, offering compelling terms and cost reduction options.

 Unique advantages of Lever Solar C-PACE program are listed below.

Longer Amortization

The cost of solar panels can be amortized over 25 years with C-PACE financing. This is longer than the typical C-PACE loan without solar.

Tax Credits

In addition to lowering utility bills, solar panels provide property owners with significant tax credits. The resale of some tax credits can also generate income for property owners in certain locations.

PPA Structuring

C-PACE financing can be structured with a Power Purchase Agreement (PAA) to reduce project costs and C-PACE payments. Under this structure, a property owner enters a Power Purchase Agreement (PAA) with a tax investor, who funds cash for the project in return for the tax benefits of the solar system.

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