B Corp

B Corp

Business with Purpose

Lever Energy Capital is chartered to provide a public benefit as well as maximize shareholder profit. We strive to intelligently deploy C-PACE capital for the purpose of improving commercial real estate assets for profit, people, and the planet. 

A Triple Bottom Line

Committed to making a positive impact, we assess our success according to the metrics of a triple bottom line framework: profit, people, and planet.


We value the financial success of our clients as well as our own. C-PACE financing is meant to improve our clients' bottom lines. Profitability also enables us to keep working effectively towards higher social and environmental purposes.


We commit to valuing people by treating our clients, employees, and partners with respect and delivering in accordance with our promises. Through commercial real estate finance, we also strive to build a more sustainable future for all people on this planet.


We offer our clients the best terms for C-PACE financing in order to scale forward-thinking improvements within the built environment. The improvements that we fund are geared towards preserving our natural resources and protecting against natural hazards.

Impact Capital

Lever's capital has good intentions. We finance significant capital expenditures for our real estate clients to assist with cash flow needs as well as asset quality. With our capital, managers of new construction are incentivized to build to a high-standard of energy efficiency, safety, ambiance, and technological advancement. The improvements that we fund increase the efficiency of real estate assets, which ultimately lowers a property's environmental footprint and helps the world at large.

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