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Our Markets

Funding Real Estate Nationwide

At Lever, our primary goal is simple: to deploy capital as efficiently as possible in order to scale C-PACE financing and it's benefits for our clients and for the greater good of society. Our reach is wide, covering various geographies, real estate project types, and asset classes. Please contact us with any questions about how our capital can meet your needs.

What is C-PACE?

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Active C-PACE Markets

Lever closely monitors C-PACE legislation as it develops in states and municipalities nationwide. While we serve all C-PACE markets, the map below indicates target markets with favorable C-PACE programs.

Specialized in Real Estate Portfolios

Lever finances projects across multiple states

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Project Types

Lever will finance various types of real estate projects and improvements, with the most common listed below.

Building Retrofits

Real estate owners or acquirers can finance significant capital expenditures through Lever. Our C-PACE financing accommodates building upgrades that enhance efficiency, sustainability, and asset quality.

Retrofit projects often benefit from reductions in operating expenses and increases in net operating income. The tax benefits of C-PACE projects and financing can also improve your bottom line.

New Construction

Developers can finance up to 20% of total project costs through Lever. Our financing translates as equity in the capital stack, at significantly lower cost than preferred equity and mezzanine debt.

The benefits of sustainability are substantial. Lever helps developers to realize the financial and social returns of building green.


The financial rewards of solar are pronounced with Lever's C-PACE financing. We finance the implementation and use of solar across all commercial property types.

The implementation of other sources of renewable energy (such as wind, geothermal, and fuel cells) can also be financed through Lever.

Many Capital Expenditures Qualify

HVAC, Roofs, Lighting, Building Envelope, Solar, and More

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Asset Classes

Asset improvements financed through Lever's C-PACE program often yield operating and tax savings for landlords, tenants, and owner-occupied facilities. Sources of revenue are also created for certain properties with C-PACE financing.

Lever finances real estate assets of all kinds, with the below being most common. Please contact us about improving these and other specialty property types.


Commercial tenants desire efficient space, refined improvements, and modern amenities.


Many businesses have intensive system and utility needs.


Lever's C-PACE program helps improve asset quality, marketability, and profitability.


Green building and efficient systems add long-term value for landlords and tenants.

Data Center

The cost of intensive utility needs can be reduced through Lever's C-PACE program.


Customers as well as tenants enjoy modern and sustainable buildings.


Projects of many combinations can benefit from Lever's C-PACE financing.

Many More

Corporate real estate, non-profits, agricultural land, laboratories, medical facilities, schools, religious facilities...

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