Partner with Us

Lever aims to quickly scale efficiency within the built environment. Thus, we deploy C-PACE capital in partnership with finance originators, energy consultants, real estate brokers, contractors, and large real estate portfolio owners.

We greatly value our partnerships and strive to execute every transaction while delivering on promises.

Our Fund

We provide C-PACE capital for real estate and solar projects through our private capital fund.

Delivered through a quick evaluation process, our financing terms rank among the best in the C-PACE industry. To scale C-PACE and sustainability, we aim to deploy large amounts of capital.

Please contact us to learn about the capital that we can provide for commercial real estate.

Our Partners

Our partners, alongside our internal staff, play a critical role in helping us to achieve our goal to deploy large amounts of capital. We guide partners through our C-PACE process to work efficiently towards closing.

With our dedicated C-PACE capital, we can execute C-PACE financing quickly. We greatly value our partners and strive to share our access to capital with them.

Please contact us with any interest in forming a partnership with Lever.

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